The Workouts

Our workouts consist of three videos per week. Each video is designed to exercise select muscle groups and you would execute them every other day. For example, you would do Chest and Triceps on Monday, Legs and Shoulders on Wednesday, and Back and Biceps on Friday.

We suggest resting one day between sessions. You could use those days to do your cardio work by running or doing any other cardio activity.

The workouts are constantly being changed. Not only you will be doing different types of exercises, you will also be changing the format you complete those routines. Formats are normally changed once per week; this is, you will do all three sessions using the same format and change for the following week. Some of the formats we use include Tabata, Timed, Add Ons, Ladders, Timed Rounds, Max Reps, Max Weight, Set Reps, etc.

 Our approach is constantly drive muscle confusion in order to stimulate change.
Workouts also include abs, some cardio and core exercises.


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